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I never blogged our first family vacation… and must remember to do so at some point. Mostly I would like to forget it ever happened. Well, not completely. It was not all bad but it did not go as planned. The quick review would be. Leavenworth, cute and hot. Ava LOVED the hotel room, fell in the pool sinking to the bottom, and then refused to actually sleep wanting only her bed at home. Our two night get away ended after one night when we left at 11pm with a screaming over tired toddler, arriving at home about 1am.

Family vacation two… MUCH, MUCH better!

“I want to go back on the plane to Colorado. Colorado is really fun.” ~Ava

This trip was not without a bump but pretty perfect otherwise.  We headed to Colorado to attend a wedding.  Here is where I could tell a long story of the airline losing our bag.  Us planning an extended and expensive trip to the mall and target only to have it show up in time for my mom to deliver it to the hotel.  I will however keep that bump as a blurb!  A girl I used to nanny for and close family friend was getting married.  So excited I got to attend.  Plus with my parents attending we had baby sitters to actually have an adult night out with Uncle Todd and Auntie Kate!

The wedding was beautiful.  Jen and her new hubby Ben seem so very happy!  The girls had a blast.  They dominated the dance floor all night and loved every minute of it!  Ava even found her first boyfriend, Otto.  They were instantly joined together.  Dancing, running, jumping and running off together all night.  He would even spin and twirl her on the dance floor it was so amazingly cute!!!

Sunday we had a blast all day with Uncle Todd and Auntie Kate.  They were so gracious to host and entertain us and my parents.  First up a family brunch at Kate’s hotel, The Four Seasons.  YUM.  A little shopping and stroll down my favorite little Denver street followed by naptime.  Here is where I have to say a two bedroom suite was a vacation saver and luxury, the kids really slept great!  We headed to Todd and Kate’s for a BBQ later that afternoon.  The girls loved their baby, ashie (a dog) and we all ate and drank well.

Overall a fabulous trip. And in Ava’s words we will have to go back to Colorado soon!

I did not bring my camera:-( So a couple of iphone snaps and lots of memories will have to do!

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Charming and Yet Kinda Creepy

Have you ever been in a situation that seemed relatively normal and yet something in the back of your mind is telling you that it is a total Twilight Zone episode waiting to happen. I used to watch the old ones and let me tell you as corny as they may be they certainly are creepy!

During our return trip back to Seattle from Forks Kristin and I stopped off at the small town of Port Gamble. Charmingly located on Hood Canal it is a 120 acre tree lined street complete with restored historic homes and buildings. The buildings were adorable and housed a tea shop, antique and garden stores, bookstore and post office. Buildings such as the fire station and victorian mansion were more for display from what we could tell. It was the most charming little recreated town and complete with chapel would be perfect for a wedding.

Although, you have to admit that sometimes perfect is just a bit creepy. There was hardly anyone around yet the grounds, buildings etc were perfectly maintained. It was the perfect sunny day, blue skies and white fluffy clouds filled the sky. Kristin and I joked about how we would mysteriously not be able to find our way out of the town when we tried to leave…trapped… and then those creepy small town people aka Twilight Zone would appear and this perfect little town would make sense!

Well we made it out…I guess it was just a perfectly quaint stop on a perfect weekend!

Side Note: Aunt Colleen I thought of you the whole time just look at that adorable yellow house/ tea shop!!!

Now tell me you cannot imagine something creepy happening here?

Now tell me you cannot imagine something creepy happening here?

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Clouds, Water, Peace

Following the Twilight extravaganza we headed about 20 min outside of Forks to a beautiful flat rock beach. There is something so fascinating about flat rocks and an entire beach with only flat rocks amazing. Both our girls received a perfectly smooth flat rock picked from millions just for them!

It was a cloudy ominous day…the perfect Forks area weather and perfect for feeling the calming peacefulness of the ocean.

Next trip to the peninsula I definitely want to check out the rain forest!

You have to hike and climb over the drift wood to get to the beach I had never seen anything quite like this before.

You have to hike and climb over the drift wood to get to the beach I had never seen anything quite like this before.

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handsWhy yes we are…”

Now before you roll your eyes and stop reading this post there is much more to the story than Twilight…or at least a bit more…

Kristin I have experienced a lot throughout this past year. With our girls are now nearing 18 months we have supported each other through the bumps of motherhood. I know that I have said it before but I am not quite sure what I would have done without her this year. So when we decided that it was time for a mommy break we had to plan the most perfect, girliest get away we could imagine.

If you are not a Twilight fan yet…read them! Forget that they are in fact a teen romance they are fun and totally allow you to escape from your own reality, which as a mom 24-7 we all could use a little of! The books are set in a small town called Forks, WA just 4 hours west on the Olympic Peninsula. Neither Kristin nor I had been to the Peninsula and thought this would make for the perfect opportunity…we were not disappointed.

From the ferry ride across the sound or pond as we call it, our get away was just what we needed. With each passing mile we could feel the calm and peacefulness of toddler absence. The drive was incredible with blue sunny skies and we passed a lake bluer than I thought possible in the northwest.



Now because the point of this trip was to be as girly as possible we went all out on the twilight theme! Judge if you must but it was fun!

cityofforkssignMerle the most perfect small town grandpa checked us into our hotel room and questioned us about the fascination with the books, life and lets just say gave us our quota of smiles for the day. He also had specially held a DVD player for us because what is a Twilight get away without the movie.

Forks Fact: Prior to the publishing of the Twilight series Forks, WA received an annual tourism count of around 50. 2009 alone they expect an average around 70,000 tourists! No recession there!

US travelers to Forks, WA

US travelers to Forks, WA

World travelers to Forks, WA

World travelers to Forks, WA

Next stop was “Dazzled By Twilight”…Yes… that is right…our tour which was lead by a woman from South Africa. She had lived in the states about 10 years and moved to Forks, WA because of the books! So just if you thought we were crazy there is a bit of perspective for you. The tour hit all the hot spots from the book and was joined by people ranging from Europe, Australia, Chicago and of course Seattle. Yes there are people coming from all over the country and world. CRAZY!

_DSC0441 charliecruiser



Bella's Truck



Jacob's House

Jacob's House


La Push

La Push

Bella's Cliffs

Bella's Cliffs

Forks Fact: Imagine our surprise when hearing “You must be Twilighters..?” was spoken in the thickest Scottish brogue you can imagine. There is a Scottish lady living in Forks. She met her husband during the war and brought her back to the northwest. What a shock the small town of Forks must have been.

A corny vacacation needs some corny photography..enjoy….




Wine, movie, snacks and great conversation…the best part waking up when WE wanted and eating entire meals still hot!  All in all PERFECT! Thanks Kristin for you company and friendship they are priceless!

More from our trip still to come…

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