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Renewable Energy?

If only a child’s energy could be used to power the world! It is renewable, clean, green and goes, goes, goes….

This video was taken after about 25 repetitions of the same action… she is fearless. Finally, I had to go get my camera! I love how careful she is not to step on our dog, lola! I also love the pause and the end of the last jump…slowing down at last?  No she had a good 10 more goes in her!  The best part is that she loves this video.  She will go to the computer and ask for daddy.  I think she loves the end where he is tickling her…too cute.  Enjoy!

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Rockin’ and Roarin’

Ava LOVES her rocking elephant, Nora. She climbs on and goes to town. She also recently learned to ROAR. Larry and I will play the monster game, we roar and she squeals and runs! To now hear her roar back is the cutest thing ever!!!! Enjoy!

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Furry Lovin’

Ava adores our pets! Right after mama and dada came the words cat and dog.  Now you even hear a “Lola” being shouted out as if she is imitating me calling Lola at the park, it is great!

Ava is often in search of some furry lovin’ she clicks her tongue to call them, tries to sit on their laps, cuddle, and kiss.  At times they will lie there and take it…and finally I had my camera…just look how happy Ava is!!!


It is hard for a toddler to understand how to interact with animals and the animals, well, let’s just say they do not quite understand toddlers either.  The other day at the pet store it came to me a way to bring them together.  Check out the fun!

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What a comedian I have…Ava is always making me smile! Here are just the top five that have me giggling inside and out!

1. Ava has decided that she must be sitting in a lap to hear a story. The way she manages this is to stand about two feet away and back up until she gets to your lap. Every time she does this I think she needs that beep…beep…beep sound trucks make when reversing! She even tries to set on our pets lap…so cute!

2. Ava loves to jump…although she does not quite make it off the ground yet! It is just multiple squats in a row with a smile and clap for herself when she is done.

3. Ava has discovered the fun of our overstuffed rocking chair. She loves to be the one rocked but will also walk over and rock the cats while they sleep or even place her baby doll on the chair to rock!

4. When I am blowing on food to cool it off she has to also!

5. Ava has an entire language all her own. She babbled before but now it is complete sentences. She picks up her play phones and has entire conversations, complete with pauses.

Bonus: Ava will often not keep her very pretty hair clips on but loved this one of my moms. What a goof! She is also holding a lemon…she LOVES lemons!!! She must get this strangeness from her daddy’s side of the family!  (JK)

Sorry pictures are not really in focus but they were too funny not to post!

Michigan 2009 009Michigan 2009 011

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“Do not base your parenting skills on your ability to keep a hat on your child” –Dee Ann Stewart

Ava has always been funny when it comes to hats. All throughout the winter she would actually wear a hat…ONLY if she was cold! As soon as she felt she did not need it…OFF it came! With summer being a warm season I do not think there is any hope for a sun hat staying on her head. Thank goodness for sunscreen.

This however is what Ava will keep on her head:

Note: The newest development is that Ava no longer wears the lego box regularly on her head. Instead, she insists that Larry or I sport this trendy and stylish accessory! Lovely!

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Ava LOVES to play on our king size bed!  This activity happens only when both Larry and I are there to guard against any potential falls and even then I am sure it is not the safest of activities.  We cannot help it though, the giggles are priceless!

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Follow the Leader

Our house these days is like a constant game of follow the leader. It is pretty amusing to watch. Ava LOVES our pets and their tails often become a common grasping toy! Luckily they all handle this new found fun, for Ava, pretty well despite their obvious frustration.

Typically Ava is anything but the leader…poor furry family members! Ava recently discovered however, that she could in fact be the leader of this never ending game. All that was needed was a tasty teething biscuit. Lola, our Goldendoodle, would follow anything for a treat! And Ava cannot get enough …

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