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Happy Feet!

The girls and I are headed to michigan… so I leave you with this cute post! I am sure I will spend all of August catching up on July.

A few weeks ago Ella hit the feet in the mouth stage… LOVE IT! Messy bed but cute baby!

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Ava’s big girl room…

DONE! Last night was Ava’s first night in her new room. She was so excited, slept in and woke up with a huge smile! SUCCESS!

I am so proud of all that went into creating this space and so happy with the results.

The walls are adorned with handmade yarn letters, a handmade origami mobile, tree decal from Land of Nod, hooks and small fabric a from Anthropologie, a fabulous $10 sale clock, my favorite black and white prints of Ava and Larry, and a hand drawn canvas using sharpies (inspired by Schumacher wallpaper).

All the furniture was either Craigslist or reused from my former classroom. I am not quite sure I plan on ever refinishing a dresser again but I LOVE the results, from the anthropologie knobs to the fabric lining the drawers.

Both the bedding and curtains are Land of Nod and the largest splurge in the room.  All the other details were extremely economical.  The bookends were each $2 (I especially love the frog prince I found at ROSS of all places), dollar bin orange chalk buckets,  and the wire baskets and jewelry box were flea market finds.  Finally all her Jelly Cat friends to keep her company.  Jelly Cats are my FAVORITE stuffed friends and the most cuddly!

Thanks to daddy as well for the well hung decor and painting expertise!  love truly is in every detail!

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