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Yummy Earth

The BEST lollipops ever and one of Ava’s favorites!!! There are several flavors or you can opt for the vitamin C pops!  They are even Organic!   Yummy Earth has their own website or you can always find them on Amazon.

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Veggie Tales

OK so Ava is not a huge fan of vegetables. Ironically she loves peas but will no longer eat corn, sweet potato or squash…what is wrong with her? As a mom continuously worried and guilt ridden over good nutrition she is driving me insane! I think however, we found a solution. At least a temporary one…

It turns out that Ava LOVES V8!!!! A full serving a day right? At least that is what the commercial boasts! I guess as a mom we take what we can get!!!

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Snack time… all the time! Ava is going through a very picky eating stage. I am lucky to get a full meal into her tummy once a day. To add to my anxiety she is falling off the weight chart. According to her last Doctor visit she has gone from the 50% to the 5% since birth. Although she is busy I have to admit I am slightly worried. When she does eat we load her with cheese, whole milk yogurt, eggs, avocado and other high fat foods at least what we can. AHH so frustrating!  We are also trying to cut back on the snacks in hope that her meals look more appetizing.  Of course snacks are still important and with a toddler on the go a necessity! So here is one more Costco find to add to your diaper bag of tricks! Ava’s new favorites!

veggie fries

Garden Veggie Straws– much healthier than chips but oh so yummy! I cannot keep Larry away from them!  Costco sells a large box with individual bags of various chips and straws.  Hope your little one loves them as much as mine!

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The endless question: What can I pack in the diaper bag that will be somewhat healthy, fast and NOT messy!!!??

Here are Ava’s four favorite answers…

AA13321. Fruit Crisps– Individually packaged bags of both apple and asian pear. Careful to not crush and yum a perfect healthy on the go snack! Found at Costco.

pack_12. Mum Mum rice husks- Come in original rice and vegtable. Ava loves both! Again do not let those grabby toddler hands crush into pieces before opening! Hard to find great deal if you order in bulk on Amazon!


3. Annies Organic Bunny Variety Snack Pack- Contains individually packaged bunny snack packs: chedder bunnies, chocolate, honey, chocolate chip. Need I say more. Found at Costco


4. Organic Animal Crackers and Whole Grain Goldfish– Create your own snack pack of these two yummy favorites. Both can be found at Costco.

Do you have any favorite?  We are always looking for something new!

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