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Something Special

I am sure it is not just Ella, but most second children, who get very little that is theirs only. I have bought a couple outfits that her sister did not first adorn but mostly it is hand me downs. Even true with Ella’s room which is basically Ava’s old nursery. I have tried to add a couple small details and when it is time to shift to the big girl bed I will work my design magic for something uniquely Ella. Until then she has her hand made yarn name (seen in the previous post) and this new hair clip holder.  I found the tin sign on sale at Hobby Lobby and knew it would be perfect.  The perfect colors and saying.  When Ella was first born and of course came out crying I held her and sang, “You are my sunshine” and she completely stopped crying. Ever since it has been our song.

Here are the other hair clip holders I have made in the past.  Love these too but is just perfect for Ella!

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I love creating …I LOVE having a finished product (unless the project lasts too long, as my husband points out!) Creating is what I miss most about teaching. What a great job for someone like me it starts in August and ends in June…ends that is the best part…what other job ends, a complete circle. To fill the creative void I have become much more crafty thus this months project: The Tutu!

What you will need:

Good pair of scissors
Needle and thread
6-7 yards of Tulle ($9)
2 yards of 2-3 inch satin ribbon ($2.50)
1 yard of 1 inch satin ribbon (Same color as above) ($1.50)
3 spools of 3mm or 6mm ribbon ($1.50)
1 large silk flower ($1.50)

Total Cost: $16
**It is the details and the amount of tulle I use that increases the cost. You could do it for less.

tutu 2009 0191. Lay out the tulle folding it at a seam and measuring @12.5 inches out and cut creating one large folded section. (Make sure there is a seam at one end so that if you were to open up the tulle it would measure @25 inches total length)

tutu 2009 0182. Cut that tulle section into 2-4inch wide sections and pile them together. (2-4 inch wide X 25 inch length) Cut the remainder of tulle and all other colors following the same measurements. When completed you should have separate piles of each color you chose. I recommend choosing at least 5 colors. Even if you want an all pink tutu choose different pinks to add depth. I chose the flower first and the colors to compliment.

tutu 2009 020

tutu 2009 023

tutu 2009 0243. Lay out your 1 yard of 2-3inch ribbon. Start in the middle and work out to each side. Loop the tulle around the ribbon and through the whole and pull tight. Continue process alternating colors as desired. The waist of the tutu should be about 18-22 inches for a one-three year old. The fuller you make the tutu the more it will stretch out over time to accommodate size changes.

tutu 2009 026

4. Take the 1 inch satin ribbon that matches the belt cut into two 24 inch length strips. Tie one at each end of the tutu adding more ribbon on the front when tied.

5. Cut 24 inch strips of the spool ribbon and tie in various sections throughout the tutu. This adds color, texture and depth. **To stop ribbon from fraying swipe clear nail polish on the ends or spray with a strong hairspray.

6. Finally, sew  the large silk flower onto one end. Make sure you sew into the belt ribbon and the petals of the flower making it as secure as possible.

tutu 2009 037

tutu tutorial 001**I created a matching tulle hair clip to complete the pouty ballerina look!
6 yards of tulle, 2 hours of time, $16 project: The Pictures …PRICELESS!

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ava-11-months-0141Months ago my friend at Paperseed (another blog)  posted a tutorial on making baby hair clips. (A GREAT tutorial, so click away and check it out!) So fun, but alas my baby was still bald! Ava now 11 months old has curls and all. Oh how I love the curls! With these girly locks forming I was suddenly inspired to get to work and flex my creative muscles. Check out all my hard work!

Flower Power

Flower Power

Applique Art

Applique Art

Cute as a Button

Cute as a Button

Materials I used:
Ribbon, scrapbook flowers, beads, iron-on appliqués, felt and buttons. I placed a strip of the rough side of Velcro on each clip to increase its staying power. I used E-6000 extra strength glue recommended to me at Michaels.  At first I found it difficult to work with but ended up liking it in the end.  All materials were purchased at Michaels or Jo-Ann fabrics. Alligator hair clips purchased at Sally Beauty Supply.

Safety Note: All buttons and beads were hand sewn to the ribbon to decrease a choking threat. Jewels are another story they were just glued with the same strong permanent glue used to make the clips. Always watch a young baby with hair clips!

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