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crocsSo I have to admit that when I first saw Baby Crocs at Nordstroms I thought, how ridiculous those would never stay on a babies foot!

I am learning quickly that motherhood is just a series of events in which you are often wrong!  When I saw them on Miss Maile’s feet not only were they cute but she seemed to get everywhere in them just fine!  The best part Mariah explained was just how easy a toddler could take them off and even put them on.  Fabulous!

Cute, durable, easily washable and let’s face it we all wish we had invented those decorative Jibbitz…millions!!!

Now the story goes that Mariah had bought a pair for Maile lost them, bought a new pair, and then found the first.  Generosity being Mariah’s nature Ava is now sporting a pair of blue Baby Crocs and LOVES them!  Thanks Auntie Mariah!!!

So if you were like me a rolled your eyes at this cult phenomenon give them a second glance they are worth it!

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Park Bling

park try 009At last, Spring is here…at least I think so most days! With Ava off running and daily trips to the dog park it was time for some shoes that would hold up. After hitting all the usual stores I decided on these pink sparkly Converse tennis shoes…after all why not have a little bling at the park! Ava LOVES them and after two weeks of climbing, mud and running they still look like new~


park try 004park try 019park try 018park try 020





park try 021

Side Note: Ava’s other shoes are See Kai Run which I wrote a review on a few months back. When I reviewed this brand of shoes it was purely on aesthetics since I had not yet purchased a pair. I still LOVE the design and colors of these shoes the quality however is lacking. The beautiful soft leather, although beautiful, is not ment for a toddler who is much too hard on shoes. They scuff incredibly easy even to the point of being destroyed. I was lucky (they were not) to have friends toddlers ruin theirs first so Ava’s pretty shoes are reserved more low key activity. I have written a letter to the company stating these concerns. If you too have had problems I urge you to write as well. I am hoping that if enough feedback is received they will increase the quality/appropriateness and we can once again praise and enjoy the designs of See Kai Run!

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During her last trip out west my mom gave Ava a pair of very fun red slippers. She loved the way they sounded as she ran and stomped. Unfortunately they were still just a bit too big…

While at the toy store this past weekend I stumbled across The Terrible Two’s Slippers by Rich Frog and just had to have a pair. Ava loves her duck feet and I cannot stop smiling as they waddle, stomp and run around the house!


Here are two of my other favorite styles:

monster feet

monster feet

fairy feet

fairy feet

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This past week a friend and I took our girls out for a little shoe shopping. This used to mean a very cute pair of heels or trendy flats to add to my collection but like most things the meaning of shoe shopping changed with motherhood. I now live in my very comfortable Uggs (at least until warmer days) and let’s face it there is something about those tiny little shoes that make them so much more fun!

Kristen and I were both very interested in the new shoe brand I recently found and mentioned in my previous shoe review blog: See Kai Run. We researched to stores near each other in Seattle and were off….

I already knew that I loved the colors, soft leather and simple styles but was very curious about the differences between the Smaller and See Kai Run versions. Happily I was able to answer all my questions.

I loved the styles available they are made from beautiful leather and hand sewn. The soles of these shoes are soft suede with patches of rubber to increase the non-slip factor. They reminded me of a more structured version of Robeez. I would choose these as my first pair of shoes for a baby. They would keep socks on and be extremely easy to move around in. They would work through the crawling and cruising phases.  Once in the cruising phase however I would again choose the pediped’s for there more sturdy soles.

jeanneSee Kai Run
Again I loved the quality of the leather and the rubber soles are the most flexible of any shoe brand I have found. That flexibility makes them comfortable and Ava was able to walk easily. I wished that they made some of the same styles from the smaller line with the flex soles! Nevertheless I was able to find a pair I LOVED for summer! (above picture)

Interesting Fact: I did not realize that See Kai Run was a Seattle based company created by a mom. Pretty cool!!! For other interesting products created by moms visit http://www.iknowamom.com

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Well when you have a little girl there will be no end to the shoes that will inhabit your house. It is hard to believe that it starts so young. I bought Ava’s first pair of shoes when she was 5 ½ months, after she had started crawling and decided that she loved to pull her socks off, no matter where we were and how cold it was. The shoes gratefully blocked the sock removal! I recently purchased Ava’s third pair of shoes because her feet grow that fast!!! Many of you are experienced parents and aware of this phenomenon and the endless money pit growing feet create. I have purchased one pair of shoes for each size Ava’s feet have been (0-6 months, 6-12 months and now 12-18 months) She has big feet!! We were also lent an adorable pair of shoes (Abigail blue flower Pediped’s) so at one stage she had choices like a true girly girl!  Thanks Auntie Mariah!!!

Below are the shoes I have tried and my review along with shoes I am excited to try next.  **All brands make; boys, girls, soft sole and flex soles shoes for walkers.

robeez-gold-shoes1Robeez $28 (www.robeez.com)

These were the first pair of shoes I purchased for Ava. Robeez have good fit, non-slip suede soles, kept the socks on and were easy for her to move around in. They worked well for a young baby. Most of the styles have multiple colors and busy designs, a draw back for me, very few plain options. After 3 months they looked worn and the suede soles were stained and hard to clean.


abigail-chocolate-brown-mPediped $32 (http://www.pediped.com also sold at Nordstrom’s)

Love these shoes! They are made from beautiful, durable leather, hand stitched, good fit, kept socks on and were easy to move around in. They are not as flexible as the Robeez leather but that did not seem to bother Ava. They have several styles and are much plainer than Robeez options. The soles are non-slip but made from durable leather. After 3 months they look brand new!


green-hollySee Kai Run $32 (www.seekairun.com)

These are a new brand I found but have not yet tried. I love the simple styles, colors and the leather is gorgeous. (these green and the butter yellow Lindsay’s are my favorite for spring) They are all hand stitched similar in design to the Pediped. My only concern is the soles are suede like the Robeez which I have already experienced does not hold up quite as well. However, with Ava walking we may be ready to move to the flex rubber soles. Review still to come!!!

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