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I never blogged our first family vacation… and must remember to do so at some point. Mostly I would like to forget it ever happened. Well, not completely. It was not all bad but it did not go as planned. The quick review would be. Leavenworth, cute and hot. Ava LOVED the hotel room, fell in the pool sinking to the bottom, and then refused to actually sleep wanting only her bed at home. Our two night get away ended after one night when we left at 11pm with a screaming over tired toddler, arriving at home about 1am.

Family vacation two… MUCH, MUCH better!

“I want to go back on the plane to Colorado. Colorado is really fun.” ~Ava

This trip was not without a bump but pretty perfect otherwise.  We headed to Colorado to attend a wedding.  Here is where I could tell a long story of the airline losing our bag.  Us planning an extended and expensive trip to the mall and target only to have it show up in time for my mom to deliver it to the hotel.  I will however keep that bump as a blurb!  A girl I used to nanny for and close family friend was getting married.  So excited I got to attend.  Plus with my parents attending we had baby sitters to actually have an adult night out with Uncle Todd and Auntie Kate!

The wedding was beautiful.  Jen and her new hubby Ben seem so very happy!  The girls had a blast.  They dominated the dance floor all night and loved every minute of it!  Ava even found her first boyfriend, Otto.  They were instantly joined together.  Dancing, running, jumping and running off together all night.  He would even spin and twirl her on the dance floor it was so amazingly cute!!!

Sunday we had a blast all day with Uncle Todd and Auntie Kate.  They were so gracious to host and entertain us and my parents.  First up a family brunch at Kate’s hotel, The Four Seasons.  YUM.  A little shopping and stroll down my favorite little Denver street followed by naptime.  Here is where I have to say a two bedroom suite was a vacation saver and luxury, the kids really slept great!  We headed to Todd and Kate’s for a BBQ later that afternoon.  The girls loved their baby, ashie (a dog) and we all ate and drank well.

Overall a fabulous trip. And in Ava’s words we will have to go back to Colorado soon!

I did not bring my camera:-( So a couple of iphone snaps and lots of memories will have to do!

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My heart

I often refer to Ava as my heart there are is no better way to explain motherhood. My heart is hers, always. The day she was born changed my life forever in a way that only those who are parents could possible understand. I do not say that to sound superior it just is a fact.  You may share your heart with many people throughout your life.  But it only children that you give it to completely, without a thought, every minute of everyday for a lifetime.

Ava is four.  I have been saying this for three months now but it still does not seem possible.  I can remember every minute of the day she was born.  I can almost feel her in my arms as a newborn sleeping next to me.  I can see her in her moses basket dreaming.  Now she is a kid as she says.  “I was a little, tiny baby but then I turned four and now I am a kid.”  Yep!  That is my girl!

I wanted to capture four, just as she is.  To me these photos scream four year old.  She has her bright yellow boots and her favorite lovie Black Cat.  What I think I love most however, are the unicorn tattoos covering her legs and arms.  This is just how I want to remember four.

My heart,  singing songs, dancing, sleeping peacefully in a bed covered with lovies and stuffed friends.  A giggle so big that she covers it with her hands and a pout equally as disarming!  Obstinate, stubborn and sassy at times (sometimes a lot) but looks right at you and says, “I think I love you very much mom” with more sincerity than I thought possible from another person. As I said she carries with her my heart, always.

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Happy Fourth! Thank you to all those who make this country a place I am proud to call home. May our freedoms always endure. Here is a little red, white and blue. Smiling together, miracles do happen!

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These are in fact pictures of me and my girls together!

Thanks to my friend Jaime from JLV Photography I actually have pictures of my and my loves.  Now I have no excuse not to finally start and complete our currently non-existent family photo wall.  Family pictures are next on the to do list!  Thanks so very much Jaime I will treasure these always!

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I have never been one for many friends. I love my own space and personal time and would much rather have a handful of friends that I truly know and love than try to balance an entourage. I also have had friends for different reasons and at different times in life. Friendship is a rollercoster. Highs and lows, close and apart. In the end who is left? Who really has your back? Who would drop everything and be present? Hopefully we all have someone in our lives like that. Even more I hope that someone considers me that person in their life.

My mom taught me what friendship is.  Watching how much she valued the people close to her, cared for them, about them.  As I have said countless times she is my best friend there are no words for the closeness and importance she has in my life.  And the joy I feel watching her with my girls is unmeasurable.

These are the pictures of a lifetime friendship.  My mom and Aunt Sally have been a part of each others lives since kindergarten. Pretty remarkable.  I am so glad that I captured this time of them both together and with my girls. Smiles, giggles, laughter and wine.  Memories to treasure.



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When I was a kid there was a commercial for the Detroit Zoo where all the animals where rushing around getting ready for opening day and the announcer was saying, “five minutes folks, just five minutes.”  There were blue painted elephant tracks to follow and a bear statue with a hole in the middle for climbing and curling up inside.  Most importantly there was a giant fountain with two bears standing and lots of places for coin tossing!  It is amazing how powerful some memories of childhood can be.

A nice weather trip to Michigan is not complete without a visit to the zoo!  We had two fabulous friends meet up with us and the kids had a blast! I missed the shot but at one point the three oldest where all holding iphones and taking pics of the animals.  You can decide whether that is scary or cute!  And I actually brought my camera! Thanks to my new Kelly Moore bag! Just snaps but since I NEVER bring my camera anywhere it is fun to document!

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