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The Gorge: A Day for Adventure

There are many things I miss about the Portland area; butternut curry soup at Elephant’s Deli, Pate and wine at Papa Hayden’s, Walks through the rose garden, shopping in the Pearl, my hair dresser on Hawthorne, and of course my friends.

Of course all of these things are before a life with kids.  When I get a trip south it simply does not include such personal luxuries.  All except the friends!  And since most of them also have entered the motherhood stage of life it means friends and lots of kids!  This summer I got to spend a weekend with my girls and two of my other favorite girls; Hope and Kristin.  In a rare bout of motivation I decided a Portland excursion was necessary.

In my single days I would take day trips weekly.  Head out to Canon Beach just to watch the sunset, up to the Mt. Hood’s Timberline lodge for a snack and some snow or out to Columbia Gorge for a beer at Full Sail and some wind surfing watching.  There is something so therapeutic about just driving away, being away.

So we packed all the girls in the car and drove out 84.  We first stopped at Multnomah Falls which is beautiful.  It was hot the girls wanted to play in a small stream, shoes off, clothes wet, Ella soaked, kids whining.  In pipes the motherhood mantra, “we are having fun damnit!, this is so fun, we are having so much fun!”  Say it until it is so right!?  Well we did not have to wait long. It was truly a wonderful, perfect day!

After the Falls and a little nap in the car we hit Hood River.  We got food for a picnic and played at a park before heading down to the water.  The water.  Peace!  The river was filled with color, wind surfers and kite boarders scattered the landscape.  The girls ran, played, splashed. The weather was perfect.  AW amazing day!!!!  And a reminder that indeed it is therapeutic to just drive away, even with the kids.

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We completed round two of summer berry picking! Mmmmm…. I love raspberries! We met up with our friends for some sweet times the girls all had a blast and Ava is obsessed. She has the list plotted out. “First we went strawberry picking, then raspberry picking. Next we have to go blueberry picking, blackberry picking then apple picking and pumpkin picking.” Yep she has got a plan! No worries here I love it all and no surprise but the photo opts are not too shabby either!  Ella, while after a taste or 20, she is simply happy playing in the wagon!  She also LOVED the ducks a chickens although on chicken got her hand 😦 Quite tramatic it took her a couple days to move on from the experience.  Every once in a while she would just cry and say “chicken”, sooo sad!

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I have never been one for many friends. I love my own space and personal time and would much rather have a handful of friends that I truly know and love than try to balance an entourage. I also have had friends for different reasons and at different times in life. Friendship is a rollercoster. Highs and lows, close and apart. In the end who is left? Who really has your back? Who would drop everything and be present? Hopefully we all have someone in our lives like that. Even more I hope that someone considers me that person in their life.

My mom taught me what friendship is.  Watching how much she valued the people close to her, cared for them, about them.  As I have said countless times she is my best friend there are no words for the closeness and importance she has in my life.  And the joy I feel watching her with my girls is unmeasurable.

These are the pictures of a lifetime friendship.  My mom and Aunt Sally have been a part of each others lives since kindergarten. Pretty remarkable.  I am so glad that I captured this time of them both together and with my girls. Smiles, giggles, laughter and wine.  Memories to treasure.



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Our Favorite Gals

Ava is not a huggy, cuddly kind of kid.  Now at almost four she is more snugly than she ever was as a baby with Larry and I.  It is hilarious however, to see her with her friends. They squeeze her with the biggest bear hugs and there is my girl frozen with this tortured look on her face.  I suppose someday I should get a picture of that!  So when Kristin and Hope headed north for a girls slumber party and Ava squealed “Hope!” and gave her the biggest bear hug ever my heart melted.  Despite the distance these girls love each other.  Months can go by but it is like no time had passed.  There have been many posts like this and there are never words for how much my heart sings that these girls are in our lives.  Thank you again for a wonderful weekend our cherished friends!

Love this kid!

Love these gals!

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My house + 7 Preschoolers + 3 Toddlers + 2 babies + 7 adults = crazy fun!

My house has never felt so small but what a blast!  I love my mommy friends and love that preschool has introduced me to even more wonderful ladies!  Not to mention a wonderful sweet group of kids!!  This was a total group effort and I say major success!

even milton wanted part of the action

first cookie!

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1.5 hour drive but totally worth it!  The girls and I along with our BFF gang headed out to Bellwood Acres, an apple orchard outside of Bellingham.

Truth be told it was exhausting.  An extra pair of hands was needed, next time hubby’s required.  In the end we had a blast and so did the kids.  We got a basket full of apples had a picnic, survived the light rain drizzle and just look at these pictures!  FUN!  Sorry to post so many but I just love them!  Fall is my favorite time of year and since I will not be in michigan to capture the amazing fall colors the apple orchard totally filled the bill.





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A Great Weekend

“A good friend is someone who hugs your heart.”

Consider my heart hugged!

Ava and I had special visitors a couple of weekends ago… Kristin and Hope you are already missed and very loved! It is amazing how from the moment the girls see each other it is like no time has passed. Ava was ear to ear smiles and more bubbly than normal for days.  They had a BLAST cooked, dressed up, bounced, bounced and bounced.  Since both Kristin and I had a birthday recently birthday cake baking was a must! And of course it was the girls who blew out the candles!  So grateful to have these ladies in our lives.  Kristin and I got lots of friend time also… much needed friend time!  Until next time girls we love you both!

Found: one of the first photos of the girls together!!!

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Impressive! The streamer wall stayed up until the last half hour of the party! As always it was just as much fun to pull down as to run through! Just look at these smiles!!! Love the streamer wall… best activity of the party!

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Three… I cannot believe Ava is Three!!!!  My birthday girl and her three friends!  Thank you Emma, Noah and Kaya for being a part of a very special day!!!

Daddys Girl

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What would a party be without fun activities.  Ava and I cooked homemade play dough in all the rainbow colors, covered a table in paper for coloring and each child painted a small canvas to take home.  It was Ava’s first experience with acrylic and my excuse to buy the soy rock crayons I had been eying for months!  If the smiles are a measure of success I think the party was a hit!

Love these paper placemats: Mealtime Masterpieces by Freds

Little Artists

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