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Wow first off it is AMAZING how long it has been since I have blogged. Both babies have had birthdays, Grammy came for a visit, Easter. I need to get busy. But this post is about none of those it is about friendship.

Last weekend I left for my first girls weekend in over 5 years.  Only the second time I have left one or both girls for longer than 6 hours (not counting the three times Larry and I have been briefly away together).  I have to admit I was worried I would not be able to detach enough.  That should not have been a concern I had no problem.  This does not speak to how incredibly much I love my children it speaks to how incredibly badly I needed this break.

LA recap:

Two friends.  25 years and counting.  Some friendships truly are forever.

My two friends, Heather and Smita are two of the most beautiful people I know for more reasons than I have words.

As it turns out the word AMAZING can be used, a lot.  I mean A LOT! It can also be said several different ways and once exposed, as I was by an “Amazing” expert, you too will find many more reasons for said word than you ever thought possible.

When one friend does not drink coffee in the morning you need another one to walk down the street with you, Thanks Smee!

Sample sales are an LA wonder, that I for one, would not be opposed to experiencing again!

Lunch in LA does mean a celebrity sighting!

Having a friend who is a make up artist is not too shabby.

Having a friend who is a week away from owning a vineyard, not too shabby either.  I have already offered my children up for child labor in return for lodging.

A tree filled with Chandeliers is a pretty awesome sight.

I can still walk in heels!

The super sunny weekend in LA may have resulted in a cold and cloudy day at the beach but luckily, good company and food made up for the weather crisis. Along with some tasty white sangria.

I have a totally new appreciation for intstagram.

The entire weekend was perfect.  In fact the more I think about it perfect is not quite the right word it was, AH-MAAAAAAZ-ING!

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