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Exciting News….

Zara is now online.

What is Zara you ask?  Awesome European style kids clothes with a reasonable price tag!  To sweeten the deal… NO SHIPPING!

Sadly my wish list was sold out within days. Here are two of my current faves:



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I love the internet!  Endless ideas and products right at your finger tips! Although I also find it totally overwhelming. My list of crafts is already endless and as for new things lets just say my budget does not cover my cravings! That being said here are just a few fantastic finds to inspire.

1. Snap Me swimwear–  Not being a fan of two piece swimsuits for little girls I am just wondering why all one piece bathing suits for little girls are not made this way???? It would make life so much easier.  If only my favorite bathing suit from crew cuts was made this way= Perfect!  If only I could afford my favorite bathing suits from crew cuts!










2.  Sweet seat boosters–  with Ella needing the high chair soon we are in the market for a booster.  These do not actually fit the decor of our house but could they be any cuter!? (or more expensive!?)

3.  Tutu Du Monde-  I may have blogged about these gorgeous tutus before but every time I see them I cannot help but turn giddy with desire.  Part fairy, part princess and part ballerina what more could a girl want!  I can only hope one day my sewing skills allow me to create such cuteness because no time soon will my bank account allow me to hit the purchase button!

4.  DIY board games from ROMP–  Love this store and love this idea.  It is even something you could do yourself with cardboard, a ruler and a printer!  Gotta love that.  Another fun find from this store are blank board books!  Ava is not quite ready but let me assure you blank board books are  a thing in our future!!!

5.  Yarn Wrapped Letters–  I am so making AVA’s name this way for her new big girl room LOVE THEM!!!  (thanks to Sarah Ortega Photography blog for the tutorial!)

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Fun Finds!

Typically our mailbox is filled with either junk or bills. Once a month however is catalog day! Some people might group this with the junk pile, I , however love my mommy magazines. Sad but I barely look at the Crate and Barrel and Pottery Barn anymore my house is hardly the current priority. Instead I am a sucker for things for my girls. I sit an look though each catalog creating a mental wish list. I thought I would share my favorite finds from five of this months catalogs!

1. Chasing Fireflies– Seattle store that has overpriced fabulous finds. From clothes to accessories to the best and most extravagant halloween costumes you can find. I just love these personalized mermaid towels. $48-

2. Tea Collection– Unique and comfortable clothes with a worldly touch! Simple but I love this summer top and shorts! I think it is the great color of the shorts that makes it for me! Montaner Flora Top $39 and Las Ramblas Cuffed Shorts $35

3.  Crew Cuts–  LOVE, LOVE the feminine yet tom boy funky looks.  Too bad it would be a small fortune to invest in a wardrobe.  Sometimes I am lucky and find a few sale pieces I cannot pass up.  This jacket and dress with bright Jack Percel sneakers would be PERFECT for a spring photo shoot!  Too bad it is so not in my budget!  Alassandra Dress $78 and Schooner Swing Jacket $98

4. Land Of Nod- when I decorated Ava’s nursery it was all about Pottery Barn Kids.  I would love for Ava’s big girl room to be all about Land of Nod!  I just love the fun colors and patterns of this fabric jewelry box.  I love stripes and polka dots together!  $20

5.  Pottery Barn Kids- For the most part I am Pottery Barn Kids’ out.  Ava has what I would want and I know find myself perfering the look of Land of Nod for bedding and decor.  But Ava LOVES butterflies and I do find myself drawn to these butterfly mirrors.  $59

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Target Hits the Mark

Target is never a sure thing for me when shopping for  Ava’s wardrobe.  It is one of those places where I ALWAYS look but rarely buy clothes.  But sometimes Target totally hits the mark!  Two of my favorite tops this season are part of Target’s Genuine Kids collection.  LOVE THEM!  In fact I find that most of the things I end up with from Target are this brand.

Ava is just as happy both tops earned the needing to wear them to bed on their first trip out of the drawer.  I am pretty sure it is the flowers!

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Another Girl!

What fun! I spent the other weekend pulling out ALL of Ava’s old clothes taking stock and organizing for Ella’s arrival. The nesting has already begun!  With each bin I got more excited for another girl and thankful that Ava’s incredible wardrobe would have a second purpose. Although for someone who LOVES to shop I realized there is not much for me to spend my money on! For Larry and our bank account this is a major benefit of two girls!  The other side of the coin, as a friend pointed out, is that there is less guilt when I buy something for Ava as it will be used again!  HA glass half full indeed!

Of course there is NO WAY that this baby will get NOTHING new I started thinking is there anything I did not have for Ava that I wished I had?  Here is my very short wish list of items I may be able to justify:  I am also hoping to actually finish my first hand knit baby blanket we will see!

1. Trumpette newborn booties: For a winter baby too cute!

2. Trumpette socks: LOVE these and Ava never had them! Just need to decide which style, for now Suzie Q!

3. The perfect hat for newborn pictures: So many great shops an Etsy I think it may take a while to narrow it down but here is just one from Ellie Belly Design! Love the gray with sequins and small flower!

4. Sophie the Giraffe

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There are no Pajama’s like the Carter’s footsie pajama’s! I just do not know what we would do without them. Thank goodness Costco has yet to let me down. They always have about 4-5 styles in and for $6.97 they cannot be beat! With 0-T5 sizes Costco will have Ava sleeping warm and cozy for years!  They are even great for some cat snuggling…

Goodnight, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite!

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Citizen of the World

I just got my Tea Collection catalogue in the mail! This seasons line is Japanese influenced and there are some pieces I LOVE!!! In case you are not familar with the Tea Collection’s adorable clothing lines check out their website. Comfortable cottons, fabulous patterns and the clothes wash beautifully. Tea’s Daily Collection is more reasonably priced but it is always their world inspired collections that I am drawn to. And yes a bit more pricey! I have yet to actually order anything, the pieces Ava has were sale finds from Nordstroms. With this collection I may have to make an exception. Just check out a few of my favs!!!

LOVE the dress on the right!  Perfect with Avas new Ugg boots!

LOVE the dress on the right! Perfect with Ava's new Ugg boots!

With the above sweater and again those Uggs!! SO CUTE!

With the above sweater and again those Uggs!! SO CUTE!

I wonder where in the world Tea’s next inspiring line will stem?  With these clothes kids are stylish citizens of the world to be sure!

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