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Sometimes my kids get gifts I want to steal. Seriously. My Aunt Colleen sent the most adorable birthday gift for Ava. It is a wall decal “paper doll”. She is beautiful, her clothes are beautiful. I am pretty sure there will be days I sneak downstairs to dress her.  So fun!!!  Oh, and Ava loves her too~

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My Silly Monkey

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A Nice Him

Ava: “Mom. I need my hair cut short so I can be a nice him like daddy.”

Yes daddy’s little girl~ Ava was absolutely determined to get her hair cut short.  After some discussion and a week of checking to make sure we made the big appointment.  Believe it or not this is after about 5 inches had been taken off.  She loved it for about a week and now says she wants her hair long like Rapunzel again.  I do love it though!

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Something Special

I am sure it is not just Ella, but most second children, who get very little that is theirs only. I have bought a couple outfits that her sister did not first adorn but mostly it is hand me downs. Even true with Ella’s room which is basically Ava’s old nursery. I have tried to add a couple small details and when it is time to shift to the big girl bed I will work my design magic for something uniquely Ella. Until then she has her hand made yarn name (seen in the previous post) and this new hair clip holder.  I found the tin sign on sale at Hobby Lobby and knew it would be perfect.  The perfect colors and saying.  When Ella was first born and of course came out crying I held her and sang, “You are my sunshine” and she completely stopped crying. Ever since it has been our song.

Here are the other hair clip holders I have made in the past.  Love these too but is just perfect for Ella!

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Why did I wait so long?

Ella is at last sleeping in her nursery and Larry and I have our room back!  AH the peace!  Since Ella was still waking up every two to three hours, yes you read that right, I hesitated on making the big move.  Once she was in her room however, her sleeping drastically improved!!! Figures!  She LOVES it.  When I put her to bed she sits up and says “Bye”, SO CUTE!   She is now only waking up once a night and I am at last a better rested mama!

A couple bed snaps!  And of course big sister did not want to be left out!

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So True, So True

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We are all smiles here! Just 28 days until we enter the rabbit hole into Wonderland!!! My Ava is turning four and I will need each of the next 20 days to prepare Wonderland, complete with the Mad Hatters tea party. It will be something I tell you!!! And Ava, Alice of course!  If you missed the posts sharing Ava’s Art party (last year), you missed out click here, and here, and here and here!!!


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Ava’s big girl room was shared yesterday on one of my favorite sites, Apartment Therapy. The very best source for inspiration when it comes to kids rooms, parties or play!  I feel honored.  If you missed my blog post on Ava’s room you can click here!

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